Need to Revamp Your Field?

Need to Revamp Your Field?

We’ll help you get the ball rolling in Burlingame, CA

Maintaining a sports field is important to the morale of a team and the reputation of a sports organization. Don’t settle for patchy grass on an uneven field. Bastion Construction Services in Burlingame, CA can give your field the upgrade your players deserve. Provide them with a carpet of lush, green artificial turf that will impress players and spectators alike. We’ll make sure the field is even, has proper drainage and appears spectacular for every home game.

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See some of our completed commercial turf projects.

Field prep? We’ve got it covered.

We offer comprehensive services to prepare, install and maintain your new field. These services include:

  • Land grading to enhance field longevity, performance and drainage.
  • Old field removal for the installation of a new field.
  • Field maintenance, consisting of grooming and emergency repair.


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