Keep your turf looking good day after day, game after game.

Artificial Turf is a fantastic investment for today's ball fields, school playgrounds and other commercial landscapes.  It reduces overall landscaping costs and meets the of California's current drought conditions.  But artificial turf is not 100% maintenance free.  Investing in the best artificial turf is the first step in the process, but investing in proper maintenance will keep your turf looking great day after day, game after game.  

Turf Maintenenace.jpg


Proper maintenance of your artificial turf will protect your investment, help it last longer, make it more durable and reduce costs.  Bastion Construction Services provides a comprehensive selection of turf maintenance including:

  • Grooming/brushing
  • Infill maintenance in high use areas
  • Closer inspection of inlays and lines
  • Mitigate problematic areas and repairs
  • Gmax testing
  • Infill cleaning or deep cleaning
  • Do-compaction of the infill
  • Complete field inspection
  • Infill depth chart of entire surface
  • Replenishing infill as needed

Bastion Construction Services offers weekly and/or monthly maintenance services that suit your project and budget.